Richard Carrick: la touche sonore sous l'eau

"Kigawa is an exceptional musician, the kind who gives the impression he is delivering a definitive performance every time he plays. His physical facility at the keyboard is supported by a clear and intelligent view of the music, so that he makes even the most complex and abstract pieces sound logical, familiar, and sympathetic. That was the experience Monday night, with one compelling interpretation from him after another.
Carrick’s la touche sonore sous l’eau... presented considerable challenges and rewards. Like Debussy, Carrick explores what he calls the “bloom of sound” that grows out of sustained notes on the piano, with each new pitch manipulating the decaying frequencies. Playing through the dense weave of compact, abstract phrases that were reminiscent of Cecil Taylor, Kigawa’s touch and complete control of dynamics had the sonorities turning and twisting beautifully in the air." - George Grella, New York Classical Review