Karlheinz Stockhausen: Himmelfahrt - KLANG First Hour

"The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has just opened Met Breuer, celebrated its physical expansion with a long exhalation of Klang. And so, on a bright spring Saturday, I followed the ley lines connecting the Met’s three branches, beginning with an 11 a.m. performance of Hour 1, “Himmelfahrt” (“Heavenward Journey”), in the Fuentidueña Chapel at the Cloisters. It felt a little early in the day for a 45-minute organ ritual, in which the soloist, Taka Kigawa, occasionally paused the clotted flow of notes, took up a mallet, and struck a gong or a bell. Periodically, a tenor and soprano interjected an impatient “Gott!” The music clattered off the chapel's stone walls." - Justin Davidson, Vulture