Matthias Pintscher: On a Clear Day

"Taka Kigawa brought out the gentle subtleties of 'On a Clear Day' (2004) for solo piano." - Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

“'On a Clear Day' (2004) by Matthias Pintscher is a gentle, atmospheric meditation that Mr. Kigawa played with graceful restraint." - Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

"On a Clear Day was the first piano work I had heard by Matthias Pintscher, but his orchestral works are not only massive but absolutely dazzling. This piece, dedicated by Mitsuko Uchida, certainly took advantage of that artist’s sensitivity and easy handling of serial music. Mr. Kigawa took advantage of the resonances, the pedal held down almost continuously, and the lovely atmosphere. In one way, it was as if Copland’s Quiet City had actually been written by a genius lunatic. In another way, this was Pintscher the tone-painter." - Harry Rolnick, Concert.Net