Taka Kigawa
Mark Shelby Perry

Taka Kigawa has been highly acclaimed for his performances, especially in modern music repertoires for about last decade. The concert venue, (le) Poisson Rouge, located in downtown Manhattan, has invited him to give solo recitals almost every season.

As for classical music scene in New York City, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall are well known, however, there are many more venues that give notable concerts. And the programs that (le) Poisson Rouge produces are very popular and well received.

The New York Times has covered his recitals nearly all the time. For his complete György Ligeti piano etudes recital held in this May, they gave him the highest praise saying as “Taka Kigawa approached these elegant, playful pieces with his customary clarity and calm... His touch is cool, yet rounded and smooth, and, even at its steeliest, his tone is never rough or harsh.”

It is not unusual that standing rooms appear in his recitals. For such popularity of his, another music critic for The New York times describes “It’s hard to put your finger on just what it is that makes the pianist Taka Kigawa a phenomenon, but there’s no denying that he’s something special. True, other pianists have made a specialty of the demanding modernist works that Mr. Kigawa favors. Webern, Boulez, Xenakis and Stockhausen are among his staples. (Bach, too.) And in his considerable technical prowess, Mr. Kigawa is not without peers... Having watched Mr. Kigawa at work several times, I have grown convinced that part of what makes him a magnetic attraction is awe: not only in the sense that his skill dazzles the listener, but also in his own evident humility and zeal.

Perhaps not a few audiences would like to hear him play not only modern music, but also other repertoires.

– SHINTARO KOBAYASHI, Mostly Classic (Japan) 





 木川貴幸はここ10年ほど、特にモダニストのレパートリーで高く評価されるようになったピアニストだが、ここ数年ル・ポワソン・ルージュ(Le Poisson Rouge)というダウンタウンにある会場は、ほぼ毎シーズン、彼を招聘して演奏会を行っている。





SHINTARO KOBAYASHIMostly Classic (Japan)