Taka Kigawa
"Phenomenon... There's no denying he's something special." - The New York Times
May 12, 2016
Taka Kigawa, Ligeti in Mind, Returns to Le Poisson Rouge
Mark Shelby Perry

The pianist Taka Kigawa has demonstrated insightful musicianship and impressive stamina during myriad marathon performances at Le Poisson Rouge, including Pierre Boulez’s complete works for solo piano and Bach’s “The Art of Fugue.” On Monday, May 16, he tackles another major work: the 18 pieces of Ligeti’s complete Piano Études. Ligeti was inspired by Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, jazz and the complex polyphony of sub-Saharan African music while writing his series of rhythmically complicated and virtuosic character pieces. (7 p.m., lepoissonrouge.com.)

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